BP Europe (BPE) was founded in 2013 and is also known as Bouw Projecten Nederland (BPN). We mainly work in finishing, interior construction, mutation homes, maintenance, new construction, renovation, retail, villa and residential construction. We are available every day with our services for both companies and private individuals.

``Continuously learning, improving and expanding.``

We can of course provide many more arguments in a personal conversation. After requesting a quote, we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your architectural wishes.

We make clear agreements with you in advance to avoid misunderstandings or weird surprises afterwards. We also find it extremely important that our customers give an honest and sincere assessment of the cooperation / work with our company.

Why choose BP Europe?

Below you will find a number of reasons why you would also want to choose BPE.

Personal guidance and a fixed point of contact

As a result, you know better with whom you are doing business, short lines are available and fast communication is possible.

Years of experience in the construction sector

The past projects were mainly in new construction, structural work, changes, maintenance, renovations and sprinkler installation.

Well-trained and qualified professionals

We only work with professionals and are happy to offer opportunities for education, further education and training.

Competitive and affordable rates

We make clear agreements with you in advance to prevent misunderstandings or strange surprises afterwards.

Numerous references from satisfied customers

Satisfied customers generally remain customers longer than dissatisfied customers, which has a positive effect on our turnover and profit.

Thinking along by subcontractors

We also set high standards for the quality of any subcontractors.

Not standard, but customization

Building with great attention to your personal wishes and requirements is the common thread of our construction company.

Build in the traditional way

Building in the traditional way with an inner block, cavity and facade is still by far the most popular construction method.

A good quality end result

Only 1st class agreements, activities and materials can deliver a desired and 1st class end result.
“The love for a beautiful piece of craftsmanship is the strength of our company.”